Selected Perl projects 2006 - 2015

Over the years I've been dabbling around with Perl, just writing little stupid programs - sometimes just to see if something is possible, other times just to fulfil an idea I've had, and more often than not because I've needed something to do a particular job and it's easier and quicker for me to write my own than spend hours trawling through the net for programs that do 80% of what I want.

Anyhow, I've got loads of odds and sods knocking around on the computer so I though I'd share some of the more useful ones with you, the general public. I'm more than well aware that the coding style isn't too great, but you should remember that these bits of code were often just knocked up with the intention of writing something that works - speed, code re-use and all that jazz were very much a secondary issue. Hence some (most) of this code doesn't have any error checking - if you're writing something for yourself you should really know what data your passing to it and that it's the right stuff. Shouldn't you?...

Now onto the good stuff, here's what we've got for you today -
This was a little something I created to make coloured text html from an image.
This was a variation and instead of creating coloured text, it created 'greyscale' html text from an image.
Another variation, this one also created the 'greyscale' text from an image but this time it output it as a jpeg image.
One more variation, this version just outputs straight ascii not html.
Once more, another variation, this time it used the 'greyscale' characters but colours them in too, output is html.
This does the same as above, but it's output is a jpeg image.
A simple one this, it makes a sine wave, output as a 16-bit, 44.1khz mono wave file. Uses code from Audio::Wav readme.
This one converts a string into morse code.
This one is a fun, if slightly odd one. It will create a new wave from sinewaves using data thats interpreted from either an image or another wave file.
This will create pixally squares for Context Free Art from an image, so you can import an image as a rule.
This is an Time-Lapse Phonography program. Like Time-Lapse Photography but for audio.
Image 2 Graphic Pen - a image manipulation tool that started out as a graphic pen implentation but then ended up much more.
Create a .wav file of morse code from a text file.

A quick note about the usage - if an output filename isn't shown as one of the parameters the script takes then it'll send the output to the stdout, so you will need to redirect it to a file if you want it saving. This is particularly true to the * programs which will output binary data that will have to save to a file.

(and yes I'm more than well aware that some of the names are incredibly far to similar - it seemed like a good idea at the time, and like most 'good idea at the time's it's turned out to be a pain in the bum. But, that's what they're called and I'm not for changing them.

All this code is © 2006 - 2015, except for the noted pieces which are © to their authors as noted. Feel free to use anything you find here, I'm not that precious about it. Take it, improve it, make lots of cash with it, it's a gift. Contact me at